Intersting case involving a Police vehicle RTA

This case was heard just a few days. A Police vehicle was in collision with a private vehicle on a roundabout. Both parties sustained quite severe injuries although the civilian had the more severe.

At the initial trial, it liability was split 55/45 in favour of the Police driver.

However, on appeal it was overturned and the Police driver was held 65% liable, quite a difference from the original judgement. Oh, and it does not appear that the Police driver was on an emergency call.

Bit of a read, but if you are interested, the transcript of the judgement is here

Interesting, the age old question of two wrongs

Or in this case three wrongs
Failing to give way to the right
Failing to slow down at a junction
Failing to comply with a roundabout
I’m thinking the 65% - 35% split liability is close enough without going into 66.wotsit%