Inters space - Rockingham - Mon 21/8

Due to being mentally busy at work I can no longer make the above trackday so have a place available in Inters.

Cost me £79, don’t know if its full or not…

Any offers?

Damn, if I would’ve seen this I would’ve been cheeky and offered ya £40 if you had no other offers

Well good job ya didn’t as I’d have taken it, then found out (as happened) I could make it after all!

Mind you, chucked it down til about 11:30am…

Good job I didn’t then else i would’ve wasted half a day for ya anyway

I’ll try the wet out when i have my dedicated trackbike sorted (stealth blade) but won’t risk it on my road bike (tigger blade)

What model is the ‘stealth’ blade & what you need - mates got an early one he’s going to sell soon, may break it…

Its a 95 ex urban tiger. Now sporting a full carbon fairing, carbon ducati back end, full harris exhaust, harris rearsets, ohlins shock, maxton forks, polished frame, 6 pot AP caliper brakes, machasini rear wheel. It runs but its been sat up for 4 years so needs some TLC.

Needs/being done at the moment… MOT prep, Full service incl valave clearances, new clutch. Then when shes home I will slowly repolish (by hand) the frame/swingarm (until I get pi$$ed off and decide to pay someone else to do it), clean her, replace mesh as its all torn/tatty. Replace all tatty nuts/bolts and anything else.

Idea is to keep it as a track bike (but still road legal so I can show it off at cubana ) then maybe once shes looking sweet sell her next spring.

When the garage called today they said someone had already spotted it and asked about buying my carbon bits!!! How dare they!!!