Interphone f4

amazing!, just bought this instead of the scala riderheadset, amazing bluetooth technology, i can listen to music via my ipod/mp3, via phone, make and recieve calls etc, the clarity is amazing…

very good so far, will let you know over the next few weeks:)

are you still happy with your F4 intercom?
have you tried bike to bike?

am thinking of getting a twin pack for a tour to the Alps this summer :slight_smile:


hey matey, yeah i can honestly say i am really happy with it, i havent used it as a pair, but i hear they work really well:)

i was coming back from devon a couple of weekends ago and at 90mph i could hear my friend really clearly on the phone.

excellent, i had heard they do phone calls well but i wont use it for that except in emergencies

looking foward to some tunes on the way down to the Alps now :smiley:

if anyone else is looking at these, don’t pay rip of Britain prices of approx £299 for a twin set; go on eBay and order from US or Italy for £205 incl. postage (might get stung on import tax but still a lot cheaper)


Have you had a look at Amazon?

Can’t see them cheaper on there…

How is this unit better than the scala rider G4?

yeah, eBay was cheapest - have ordered from Italy and will let you know how that goes

both Scala and Interphone get good reviews but some prefer one over the other
this site has some good info

Guys - I’m just going through the same dilemma - Interphone or Scala - I’m very interested to hear about your experiences.

Who is the Italian seller on ebay? I can’t find it.


bad news, the seller only has one left and he’s put the price up from 210EUR to 299EUR, still cheaper than most in UK but not such a bargain now
worth checking eBay every now and then though

i haven’t received it yet, so don’t take this topic as a recommendation until i have checked it over

i’m considering bike to bike intercoms now as well

sena SMH10 is also another option

problem is that i’d like to talk to a few bikes at the same time, like a four way conversation, I don’t think the bluetooth units are capable of that

i think the interphone can connect to up to three others for intercom but not sure if thats a conference call (don’t think so)… i suppose an autocom and radio would be the highest quality and most flexible but i wanted a lightweight and fast solution with minimum of cables to faff about with etc rate the Sena very highly, looks a bit bulky compared to the scala and interphone

I’ve just found the Sena SR10 -

Which allows you to use PMR radios with the bluetooth intercom. This could be the answer I’m looking for.

Its not due out for a couple of months though