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I was wondering as I have one of those Iphone thingeys and I can use Facebook on it and it works quite well how hard would it be to make a LB app to do the same thing

Hummmm Admin please!!

The LB site works fine on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1! :smiley:

i can get most **** on my phone msn facebook lb etc etc.

i do lb and facebook on my psp, how sad is that?

iPhone applications are sophisticated. They’re full blown objective-c programs and have to be written by an experienced developer. We’ve wanted one for a while, but it’s time and resource, as well as it not being a high priority compared to other projects we’re working on.

Though if we have an iPhone developer in our midst, then I’ve love to speak to them about it.

How difficult would it be to present the site as WAP? Then you could cover all the smartphones and not just the iPhone.

LB works just fine on the iPhone, looks and works just the same as it does on a pc or mac so I don’t see the point of developing an app for it!!

Sorry for the hijack, but I’d like to speak to a iPhone developer as well about a different project if one is here :smiley:

+1… :wink:

I have LB as my homepage when I start my Safari App on the IPhone. :smiley:

I can get lb on wap but i like the facebook app because it much more dedicated and eaiser to use that was all

Do you need myface on your 'phone too ? :w00t: Can a phone not just be a phone ? On mine I have the Internet, my work e-mail, text messaging, an alarm clock, a camera, a calendar and diary. And it’s a USB memory stick for my laptop and it’s got pictures on it. I fondly remember the day when a phone was just a phone :slight_smile: