Internet Browser Poll

Reading the Beeb article about the next vsn of firefox browser ( got me thinkingwhat do you lot use?

best times were mozilla on sun workstations at uni, the net had less prats than now :wink:

I use IE7 but only due to having compatibility issues with firefox and my dev websites at work, might go back to firefox again (if they respond to my requests for compatibility info)

Firefox on Ubuntu Linux.

Firefox :slight_smile:

Firefox for me too


Echo in here?? :smiley:

Echo, echo, echo, echo, echo …

I used to use IE until a couple of months ago but i now use Firefox.



Here’s the usage for the site, browser wise for last month:


Nice graph Jay.

I am surprised to see so few Firefox browsers…? :unsure:

Seems right to me, usage of browsers across a site is very much dependant upon the visitor demographic, and a site like ours isn’t orientated to the tech-savvy type that appreciate the diffferences between browsers and thus experiment with different ones.

Remember, the general split is only about 10% for Firefox of all users (I think) so 19% on this forum is pretty high. I think my website (which is tech based) has closer to 40% on Firefox…

Of course I use FF too :slight_smile:

Jay, you are aware there’s a ‘IE tab’ plugin which basically emulates IE in Firefox on a given site? Works really well for me :slight_smile:

Yes, I am. I only use IE for a couple of IE-only apps, and of course for testing html.


Firefox (a bit slow)
Occasionally Safari 3.0.4 (faster)

on OS X (10.4.11)

At Home I use Flock - a multi-media enhanced version of Firefox on Vista Ultimate and at work I use the basic Firefox on a XP SP2.

I much rather Flock to any other browsers, it has made life so much easier with web design etc! :slight_smile:

been meaning to try Flock out for a while, my only concern is if it follows the firefox updates quickly


but to be fair theres quite a few of us biker/photographer/print/maclovers on here so were all bound to say Firefox. Not sure why but it goes hand in hand

Firefox for me too, although I have all the others (IE 3-7, Netscape, Opera, Safari) on my home and work machines for testing purposes, I hate IE!!