International women's day

Yupp,it’s today…
All the best ladies!
Life with you is hard,but there’s no life without you…

Is this the day that women from all over the world get new pots and pans to cook with.

You beat me to it.

Come on my lovelies, celebrate your womanliness. That’s a pretty girl.

Thought everyday was bloody womens day - you’d think so by the way they go on!!!

No, it’s the day we get new baseball bats to beat the crap out of the guys who don’t appreciate us

You get worse! Its a good job I like you!!

Men don’t need a day to cellebrate, we get to cellebrate everyday!

So anyone actually know what this is supposed to be celebrating? That women exist? And are we supposed to do anything special today, like eat chocolate pancakes or something…?

I believe women should be the same as children - Seen but not heard!

runs and hides

Come 'ere so I can reach you with my whip!

Ask Sheewolf about how handy I am with one

nice knowin you ben, only got meet you once, its a shame

ladies go easy on him

Herrrr Hummmmmm