International Female Ride Day 2020

I must admit, I didn’t know about this, but each year there is an organised, synchronised day for female rideouts, meets and general celebration of women participating in the wonderful world of motorcycling.

LB was started as a place to continue online, the discussions we had every Friday night whilst out on the legendary Bike Night. Every week you would see a healthy number of female riders and pillions so since day one LB has always been an inclusive place for all riders to come together, regardless of gender, race, religion or choice of leather colour schemes, so hopefully we are seen as a welcoming community for female riders.

Over the years the LB community has organised a number of female only rideouts. We’re a bit late to the show for IRFD 2020, but I wonder if we have time to organise a women’s meet/rideout for IRFD? Do we have any volunteers?

16th August 2015 we was out on a Jetstream sortie and bumped into a posse of about 20 LB female bikers waiting to get into the Ace car park for the worlds largest all female biker meet at the Ace Cafe. Organised by Shrerrie Woolfe and attended by 618 female bikers, they were clicked in, clicked out and 246 off them went off on a world record breaking all female ride out. By mid afternoon it all got a little out of hand, girls just wanna have fun! The Police turned out in force and by 4 pm the Ace cafe was closed down on some Public Order ticket.