International custom show at earls court 26th/27th april

so whos going?
ill be with my friend shara either working at the three spires customs stall or walking around with their t-shirts on
so come and say hi :slight_smile:
oo and its my birthday on the 27th ! yay :slight_smile:

heres the website:

yeah i’ll be there sat and sunday and a bit on the thursday setting up, working.

mght be some work on the go if any1s interested?

motocycle gifts stall

What sort of job is that ? :wink:

I’m going to this :slight_smile:

me too! shouldnt you be in wales Terry?

going on on the 26th…:slight_smile:

What time are we meeting at Earls court tube stn, warwick road side ? :slight_smile:

im up for this, let me know where to meet( if ya dont mind me tagging along!)

im up for this :wink:

No prob mate, more the merrier :slight_smile:

oh feck now Steve’s put his name down :smiley: The Guiness is on you mate :wink:

Gonna be there working on the sat and either thurs or fri I think :slight_smile:

sweet! nice one tel :wink: u going by bike??

oh i gotta PM ya SR’s number! just remebered!

Girlfriend’s on the bar - so I might well see you guys there. Will keep an eye out!

Planning on bringing my boys along.

r you’s going by tube or on the bikes?

me and terry going by train…so we can have a beer or two:)

I’ll be going on sunday by tube

beer or two sounds goood!

ill be going by tube every day , think dads going saturday and sunday , dunno how hes getting there though

Sounds a bit half-arsed. Maybe they ran out of the latex catsuits.