intergrated brake, indicator & tail light

hmmm wondering if any1 is got one of these need some help wiring up the old indicator wiring to the new 1, so far managed to blow a fuse every time i try :pinch:

Where about you live mate? Drop a pm.

Are you about tomorrow morning?

I’ve still got your stuff here too;)

ya sure ya got wires round right way?

im north london- edmonton i aint got a clue when it comes to wires or anything electrical :pinch:

sounds to me that you got the wires mixed up that’s why a fuse is blowing every time.

yea but like i said i aint gotta clue which way round i need to put em, hopefully its gettin sorted 2moro :slight_smile:

If ya only got 2 wires and your blowing fuses the way your doing it try it the iother way round.

Curtis has omitted to mention the fact he is colour blind so that might explain a thing or two ;):cool:

lol, can still tell 1 wire form other, if fuse blows swap em around, lol.


The confuddlement lies with the fact that each OEM has its own earth wire which isn’t used on the new unit.:cool:

yea cheers mate, jus waiting for the rac to come out now, bike wont bloody start :pinch:

Oh you are joking:crazy:

The one thing we didn’t try…lol

Is it turning over?

it goes to then dies

optimiser says its got 12.5 v at the mo

How long has it been since you had it running mate?

Have you double checked all the fuses?

I wonder if there is a separate fuel pump one that may have blown…dunno:hehe:

last had it out on xmas eve, not sure like i said rac are on the way, i’ve had a few problems with the battery b4 so hoping its that

sorted! battery prob, started it with the optimiser on first time???

Hope so…thinking about it i’m sure i heard the fuel pump prime when you switched it on

hmmm from 1 problem to the next… now the engine management fault light is on! I really do love my bike but at the moment i wanna throw her against a brick wall :crazy: