Interests outside of bikes?

Fall is “falling” fast here in Kansas and my thoughts are starting to drift to “what now?” as the time to put the bike away for the winter is fast approaching.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of bikes? How do you chose to spend your free time when you are not able to be out and about on two wheels? (Or one wheel if that is what suits you. )

I’m in to hiking…photography…travel…and reading. I’ll knock back a book or two a week. :shrug

What do YOU do outside of biking?

What?!! there’s life away from bikes?!! well i never!!

I was going to say that…

I love cars! But living in central London doesn’t let me have too much fun from driving so I stick to bikes for now

I really love driving, modifying my cars, racing, rallys and all that stuff.

Besides that I go the cinema 3-5 times per week

I travel whenever and wherever I can.

And of course…INTERNET. I can’t imagine life without it

Out here in London, it’s not because it’s wintertime that the bikes get put up in the shed… True we don’t usually get any snow around here but when it does snow and you’re out and about, i.e. commuting as many of us do, it’s hilarious!

Otherwise I am into cars as well, proud owner of a mint 1988 Porsche Carrera 3.2 and an avid collector of japanese animations and manga. Used to be in to Bonsai (had 75 trees at one point) but they need constant i.e. daily supervision and I travel too much to keep them so had to give up on them.

The same as most people here really…although as most Brits will tell you as it rain ALL the time we tend to ride all year round…and just ignore the fact that we cant feel our hands or feet

Out side biking I do love a good book and music…and when I can afford it my fave hobbie is paying some one to stab me repeatedly for hours with a needle…hmmm beats shopping with the other half I guess…




nice tattoo mate, thats a hobby of mine too! im gonna take some pics of one of my arms(not finnished yet thou)


tattoo 005.jpg

tattoo 003.jpg

cool work you have their archer, any plans to add colour or keeping it B&W…isnt it impossible to photograph yourself Ive had more done but cant get a picture in focus…I think maybe we should start an ink thread

keeping it black and white,i took about 20 pics those are the only ones that are ok,who is your tattooist? was that your own design? it looks really good, ive got loads of stuff i want done, im going to lal hardy next week, just to have a look

My left arm has all been done by French Thomas at Into-you, as for the design I told him what I wanted in it…stars, a prayer so on in stippling, and he comes up with the design, the last thing he did was a star shaped maze over my elbow which has been over-lapped which he got from an old book on mazes…its from some French Medieval church or summit. My other piece was done at Evil From the Needle in camden…but they did some nautical stars which came out BADLY which is why i tried Into-You…they are really good, unlike any other tattooist ive been to, but you have to book months in advance!!!

I dont think I was born with enough arms though I could do with at least 4 maybe 6




Mmm. Outside of bikes, well nowt as radical as tats. I like to do a couple of ‘spinning’ classes a week, I am a qualified instructor so I try to keep fit when poss. Photography has been a big hobby for 18 yrs and am planning to finally (sob) ditch 35mm for a DSLR next yr. I studied Aikido for a few years until a recent injury and arthritis meant a lay off for a while. Otherwise the usual I suppose.

Oh, and breasts. Mustn’t forget them.

Away from biking… well while I’m biking lol I enjoy a nice spot of photography

At the moment I’m using a Canon EOS 10D but I’m going to be getting an EOS 5D when the battery grip turns up at some point. I’ll post up some samples from my under construction web site.

Alberto what anime have you got? I’ve been quite into Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for a while now.





Nice snaps man - real sharp.

Pity I can’t scrape enough cash together for that 20D at the mo. Bit of the ol’Jessops discount would’ve been nice eh eh??

5D - isn’t that the full frame one? Holy moly. That’s some serious (and pricy) bit of kit. mebbe you’ll bring it out one night so I can wrap m’paws around it?

Well my 10D is going soon for £400

As for the discount I can see what I can do, but internet price matching is a good route and sometimes better then staff discount. Have a look at uk based web sites for the best price and then take it into the shop.

Yep the 5d is a whole load of full frame lovelyness I’ll bring it down the Ace sometime when I get it.

What no biking… well in that case it will be sitting in my garage tweaking and polishing bits that don’t need to be touched…Until I break something - then I have the fun of fixing it, by which time I will be back biking again…

Other Interests whilst not biking consist of: Footie, Fishing, Movies all of which normally involve a few beers.

Oh; then of course it’s the fitness regime, which always seems to be starting on Monday… used to do Thai Boxing and plenty of running, which was wicked fun but damn hard work