Interesting GPS tracking via phone thingy

Could be handy to keep an eye on your bike when you park up by the office

These look handy too, shame they dont do golf balls :frowning:

Only really useful if whatever you’re tracking stays within (admittedly extended) bluetooth range for as long as you’re interested in it, though.

I think it looks pretty handy. I wonder how well the signal gets through walls? Usually I’m quite close to my bike when I’m using it, in a pub, in someone’s house, at work, so this would be kinda handy.

They don’t really make much of a point that you need a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device, which Android has only just adopted in 4.3, which the majority of devices don’t have yet.

Given that I-Pads/I-phones and other Android devices can download an app so you can locate them if they are stolen, and it’s possible to track a mobile phone to within a relatively small area, surely there must be some way I could leave my tatty old Nokia with an Asda PAYG Sim card in it, under my bike seat, and if my bike were to go walkies then I could track it using an app on my smartphone?

Come to think of it… when I bought my Galaxy Ace, it had an app called ‘Latitude’ on it that seems to have disappeared during my most recent updates. Latitude could pin-point the whereabouts of another Latitude user pretty accurately. I was always a bit paranoid about the missus tracking me with it, so when I told her I was staying on at work, she would really know I was off for a ride somewhere. Could work to track a bike though???

I don’t think you could track an old Nokia, you would need to use a smartphone of some kind. The problem then becomes battery/power usage. Oh, and of course you’d also then need a data plan for the phone.

I did have the idea of making an app for a smartphone that did all this. It could have crash detection and things like that too…