"interesting' exhaust

as some will have seen I have a high rise exhaust on my CBR which kind of divides opinion. People love it or hate it.

However, this what looks like home made effort really does bring down a bike already let down by its airbrushed graphics ha ha.

At first you notice dodgy pipe going over swingarm, then you think “hmmmm must look tasty from the back then”…


If done right it looks good

…and that one doesnt

No it doesn’t

It looks cheap and home made

Dont worry about how your exhaust looks Leon its fine, honest. Anyway its what you do with it that counts.

Looking at other fellas exhausts will only make you worried that yours, with its strange bends in it, is weird.

Its a slippery slope mate, you’ll be looking at other blokes cocks at the urinal soon, if you keep this up!


Odd looking exhausts seem to be the “in” thing at the moment - just look at the B-King, VFR1200 and the last couple of years of Gixxers :unsure: