Interesting evening after Borough

So after departing BMM last night I needed to stop off for some milk. 

Picked up the milk and decided to use the stores petrol station to pump the tires!! big mistake…

To cut that part really short, the machine was fooked and let the air out of the tires so I ended up with 1 flat and 1 with about 10psi…

Petrol station could not help so had to speak to the store manager, he thinks I’ve got a flat but after him trying about 10 times realising it is actually the pump that is knackered advises me to roll the bike around the back of the store and use the one for their vans…
Issue here, I have to go out back onto the road and roll the bike around the long way which is about 1/4-1/2 a mile!! he see’s just how heavy a bike with flat tires actually is then says…

Bring it through the store, was hilarious as the security came running up to me shouting at me as I roll it in… They ended up helping me take it through the store out the back to their pump and do the tires all hunky doory and justified the fact my tires were not punctured either…

What a nightmare, but hat off to the manager who let me walk through the shop, that in itself was tough enough and plenty of odd looks but walking it around I really would have contemplated waiting for the AA…

There should really be a video of this, it sounds quite comical :) 

Sounds like you got off lightly!

lol, wish i’d left the camera rolling!

I did mate to be honest, I did think the manager was going to fob me off (as the petrol station side did) but he was helpful.

i had the same with tesco once, thank goodness that was the one on the kings road with the HD showroom behind, so i got that sorted pretty quickly.

i also discovered a bike with a flat tire is about impossible to push.

i also discovered a bike with a flat tire is about impossible to push. silveR6
Amen brother!! 

Custard. They must have CCTV.

(But why did you do the second one?!)

sister :stuck_out_tongue:

sister :stuck_out_tongue:

lol sorry *sister
Custard. They must have CCTV. yourebarred
probably but doubt I'll get a copy