interesting bike I found on ebay

Very Very rare classic bike…guess so

investment opportunity… er…

consider how much vincent’s sell for now, and there was only 3 of these frames made.

Is that gaffa tape on the rear panel?

I’ve never been a collector of bikes, not have I been able to appreciate ‘rare’ bikes…

I’d offer £3,000 and a packet of crisps…

A proper GP two-stroke 500 - I’d love one but for three reasons…

  1. That paint scheme! If I was in the market I’d be knocking money off for a respray for starters!
  2. Is it really £40,000 better than a Ducati Desmosedici that you can also ride on the street?
  3. I don’t have the money…all donations gratefully accepted. LB Forum Buy trackday bike?

Wow dose that mean my NSR 125 is worth a little fortune!

If so who want to buy it! For the right price.