Interested in a new job?

See here:

I got the sales job

Congrats to you Oggy!

Thanks Keti, I should be starting next week. Gonna be an interesting job I think

exellent another lber to offer huge discounts

Got to get myself some first

Well done Oggy…

Well done, hope the pay`s good.

Well its better that what I am on at the moment

Well done Oggy!

I must pop down there 1 weekend as I live quite locally.

we are looking forward to having another lb member onboard with our team, well done Paul, !!

Paul?? lol

Cheers mate, I am looking forward to it.

Yeah defiantly come say hi.

Now that I will be working in London I will be able to pop down to Brazen head

sorry i mean stuart!!! i was on the fone to my mate paul at the time, dozy git i am!!!

Not a problem mate…lol

you said it, lol

You trying to multi task again

well done that man … we need to hook up soon

ha ha! yeah right!

Nice one Oggy.