Got a trip to Cornwall coming up this weekend with the Missus on the back. It struck me that we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other for a good few hours (normally a good thing obviously). Does anyone have any experience of rider to pillion intercoms and which one is most relaible, etc?

I only have experience of the very cheap one they sell in Lidl for about £7, which worked fine for a recent trip from Croydon to Chichester. I found her mike was a bit noisy and got an earload of wind noise for much of the journey, but that was probably because I had lost the little spongy thing that fits onto it!

Ah erm, right. Thanks for that!

I guess what you spend is dependent on how clearly you want to listen to the other half telling you to “SLOW DOWN!”

I would advise spending the money on an autocom from experience. I got CB radio based ones with in helmet headsets etc with a mate, but they were a write off. Just white noise over 30mph, only really any good when going very slowly next to each other in traffic - where you may as well just shout anyway.

Autocom. Had one for years and it’s absolutely spot on. If you got a missus you want to talk to of course. :wink:

Starcom do an equivalent, but haven’t tried it personally. I think these are the only two worth considering though. The cheapshit ones are a waste of money.

Autocom or if you want 100% reliability and easy set-up… these work well

Thanks chaps- that’s helpful ta. I was considering Starcom- it says they’ll be good for a clear ‘conversation’ at 100mph. I’m guessing this will be along the lines of:

Her: I saw blue lights!
Me: Nah, they weren’t after us.
Her: Whaddya mean, ‘us’?
Me: If we just keep going at this speed they’ll never catch us
Her: Tosser

I use regulary the bluetooth intercom set i think they are called midland bluetooth intercom cant remember as they are at home.

I use it all the time while riding and its good up to about 90 mph after that you might have to shout buit thats because of my helmets wind noise not the headset

I use it as a phone device and intercom regulary i even use it as a rider to rider set with my inexperianced sister and its good up to about a 3/4 mile

fantastic product but beware of cheap copies a proper one should cost about £150 each otherwise you will get crap ones and they look identical.

most people when they ring cannot believe i am on a bike that how good it is

Starcom for me :slight_smile:

Only as good as your lid as far as wind noise in my experience :wink:

Had one for years and well happy :cool:

Lucky guy, just shout and make hand signals.

Autocom for me and the wife has the same on her bike. In addition to that a few of my mates also have the Autocom system and we cannot rate them highly enough for both using on your own, with a pillion or as a group out on ride (obviously the latter requires the radios).

Well worth the money in my opinion.

Thanks chaps. Have just bought a Starcom- 180 squids so it better work! Will let you know when I’m back from Cornwall.