Integrated rear light

I’m thinking about getting an integrated rear light for my GSXR 6 K4 from ebay:

Does anyone have any experience of these? Do they work? Is it hard to make out turn signals when braking, etc?

Any info appreciated. Ta.

I had two fitted to my previous K4 750 (don’t ask, heh) and they were great, I really liked them. The indicators are bright, and contrast enough from the brake light, but they’re not as obvious as the standard arrangement though, so just be aware when positioning yourself on the road for changes of direction. They’re easy to fit as well, and do use the inline resistors to slow the flash-rate down, just mount them properly in your tailpiece, as they get mighty hot.

Thanks Jay.

Oh just an additional note, I was told by a traffic cop in Soho once that they’re perfectly legal, in case you had any doubts over their legality.

I had one on my 1000K3, i think there a good idea.

hey - very nice. unfortunately it is forbidden here in germany…