Insuring a frame?

I had an idea just now and wanted to ask a few questions. Is it possible if i bought a bare naked moped frame with numberplate, will i be able to tax and insure it?

Why would you want to do that ??

This used to be a scam to earn NCB while the ‘bike’ was a frame in the shed.

thats wot i was thinking. :hehe: i surpose you could if it has mot lool… and on mod’s u can put naked litrally!

Like Digger said, used to be a greta ploy but you needed the frame and the bit of the engine with the number on.

Before the MoT test (or was it when it was just a twenty/ten year, brakes lights and stearing job?) my mate Frank used to buy a write off boring car from the local scrappie and keep it insured whilke he drove his “Dads” sports car.

They closed those loop holes years and years ago.

(Unless you’ve found a new one. In which case, tell us.)

Definitely can’t see how this would work with vehicle databases being what they are now. Only need to type in the vehicle registration and all the necessary information and details are there, (or not as the case may be).

as far as i can see, you need the mot,and reg number,then insure it, then sorn it.sorted till the mot runs out.