Insured on 2 bikes = 2 years NCB?

If i’m insured on two bikes, do I get a years NCB from each?

I don’t think so… good question

You do as long as they aren’t in the same year… Ie, take a policy out Dec 2011 and another Jan 2012 = 2 years NCB. If its the same year then no because you will have 2 NCB certificates with 1 year on both for the same year. You can try it in the hope that they don’t check properly which is what I done and they accepted it, but its not guaranteed.

if its one policy then no if there 2 indevigial policy’s then yes but you cant use your current ncb on both only one and you cant add the 2 together at the end of the year

think of the most expensive option, that’s the one the insurance companies will take.

NCB is basically a discount offered by insurers to try and get the business of customers with good claim records. They all have their own rules. There is no single system, for example. some insurers give NCB to named drivers, others don’t. Some allow you to keep your nonus after one accifdent in a year, others after two etc etc. The level of discount offered due to NCB will vary from insurrer to insurer also.

Although they all have their own rules, to try and steel one another’s customers they will nearly always honour another company’s NCB which is why new insurers ask for documentary proof.

It is not inconceivable that an insurer would allow two years NCB on two one year policies, but highly unlikely. NCB is a measure of how an insurer values your claim history, and two concurrent polices doesn’t mean you are half as likely to claim in a year as you would only be riding one bike at a time so statistically it is the same as you having one policy.

I kept with the same insurance broker for 15 years. After the first 6 years I bought my second bike. It was only when the broker and I had a disagreement over their actual cover and my bikes I realised I only had 9 years NCB. The same year I had 2 bikes on one policy I lost my old NCB and had to start building it up again. So having two policies and 2 bikes might make a difference if you’re going for a single policy? Incidentally I learned regardless of how many years of not claiming brokers only count the last 4 or 5 years towards any discount and I doubt it is a discount either, more like they don’t add extra on a as risk being that I think that insurers are related to bankers when it comes to charge fixing on customers.

So you’re gonna buy 2 lots of insurance to try and get a bigger discount…I think you’ll end up paying out a lot more than you will save! Is this because the quotes you’ve been getting are too high??

Actually in a way you are corerct you do get 1 year of NCB from each but it is the same year so you get 1 year x 2 which means that if you have an accident on 1 bike then you lose that 1 NCB and not both but you can’t add them together to make 2 so… it’s better me thinks.

I have 2 bikes 2 insurances and can use the NCB from either if I get a new bike.

Think of it as a backup NCB in case you **** one up:D