Right if this has been posted before sorry…

I just want to know what is usually covered by inusrance for bikes and cars? so if someone parked next to you and scratched your bike or cracked the fairig? what if someone parked to close to your car and opened the door and smacked your door and left a nasty dent in a shopping car park? what if someone hits your mirror and breaks off? on bike/car? what about windscreens for bike and cars? side windows, rear windows on cars? what if a an idiots simply takes his keys and makes a nice engraving on your car/bike? What if they kick your exhaust off or break it on car/bike?

Just wondering as I have no idea, is it different from insurance to insurance or there are simply some things you are clearly not insured for?? Also if you are insured are they worth claiming for, would your premium go up for let’s say a £50 mirror? or a window?

If someone damages your vehicle and they’re covered by vehicle insurance then you can claim off of them. I’m pretty sure it’s that simple. If you have no one to claim against but know it was a vehicle, you can speak to the MIB I believe.

hmm that’s what I was wondering, for example the other week my mum went shopping and when she got to the car the bumber was out, yeah it came out, so either someone wanted the bumper or someone hit it as they parked or came out of their spot. Now… what could she do? Our neightbour put it abck in place but anyhow… my point is if that happens what do you do? Even someone opening the door and smacking your side of the door is bloody bad, specially if you have a new car…

With the bike not muchc an go wrong since they will either get it to fall down and that means a lot of damage or if someone parking too close to you it would mean either broken mirrors or a nasty scratch.

Jay is right, if you know who did it and it was another vehicle you can claim from their insurers, if it was a bicycle or a pedestrian you will need to go to the small claims court. This goes up to £5000.00.

If you do this through your insurers then your premium will be affected. Windscreens differ from insurer to insurer, repairs on fully comp policies are free (usually) but replacement will cost you your excess. Up to £250.00. Broken windows will have to be paid for by you, unless stated in the policy, or is caused by criminal damage, in which case you insurance will sort it. You will have to pay the excess whatever that is. Premium isnt affected. (dependant on insurer)

Insurance is a minefield so check the small print ALWAYS