Insurance :(

This is how it stands:

Age: 18
NCB: 1 Year
Bike to insure: either Suzuki Bandit or Honda Hornet
Quals: Bike Safe
License: UK Full Bike

Here are the quotes:

To renew my YBR - £1100
To insure a YZF r125 - £1200
To insure a Bandit - Unquotable.
To insure a Hornet - Unquotable

That is how it will stand when i’m up for renewal.
I’m currently 17 on a provisional :confused:

I’ve just run a quick fake quote for an 18 year old - 1 year NCB - 2004 Hornet - worth £2,500 - postcode not a million miles from where you live - parked on road (dunno if you have a garage) - with just an Almax for security … got a quote of £1,097.64
That will go down with further looking/negotiating down the phone/haggling.
You’re not looking hard enough young man :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr-C (25/01/2012)


I ran one for a hornet thats not on an age related plate.
Parked in secure carpark
With an Oxford Monster and a Datatag and got NO QUOTES

So… what is the danger in declaring social use, rather than social and commuting? Geniuine question.

the danger is, if you get knocked off at 8am on your way to work on a sdp policy they will have a good reason to not pay out…

Thats BS. I never declare commuting and never had any problems. You could have been going anywhere at 8am. You might have even been going home for all they know.

But you can guara-damn-tee the insurance company will want you to prove that. Or further more you’ll need to try prove them wrong.

I will I’ll get a signed letter from the person I stayed with. Furthermore, its them that will need to prove I didn’t in order not to pay out.

I don’t use my bike for commuting atm but I wouldn’t change it if I did.

they probably see you as a higher risk if you commute, more miles during busy times of day etc
i’m not sure how much it adds to the premium, all i know is that they always ask…

Defo does go up

Quote on gocompare is a good £100 more expensive for me with commuting, I currently declare it but am wondering should I in future. That would go nicely towards an alarm and whatnot

No point if you ask me. They can’t prove your commuting.

If you get knocked off at 8.30 in the middle of London the balance of probabilities might suggest you are commuting. Making a false declaration to your insurer is very naughty, and would probably result in non-payment

I’d rather just get it covered. Less hassle in the long run.

Probability is a mathematical guess not a fact.

True, but in lets say you don’t declare it, you do commute, and you knock off a pedestrian at 8.15 outside Kings Cross or something. You claim, and your insurer gets taken to court by the other side fighting for compensation. This is a civil rather than criminal case, and as such only a balance of probabilities is needed, not beyond all reasonable doubt. Your insurer loses, and subsequently comes after you for the compensation, because you made false representation to them. Potentially very expensive, and, as Danny Dyer might say, pwopa nawty!

Presumably the insurer would just ask your employer if you were supposed to be at work that day? Wouldn’t take much of a leap of logic that if it was a bit before work started and you were between home & work then you were commuting

Yeah I reckon better safe that sorry in reality. Most accidents happen on country roads though right??

yes davori but its not all about accidents, bikes get stolen from outside places of work, then you’d have to report it, insurers would see the report etc, one minute your saving a few quid by not adding commuting, then you’re having to lie to mr plod…

ok i’m insured to commute and will keep it that way to avoid extra hasstle, however if one want to do that then one should try it, i mean for god’s sake some people can do a lot of miles on just one social occasion then even commuting and commuting can actually be safer as you already know where to expect other drivers to be idiots…

my riding certainly went down this year and i’m only commuting and doing occasional shopping trip & visit friends