Insurance :(

You’ve probably read this before.
You’ve probably lived this before.

Got a 125 YBR, its a nice bike but a little “boring” if you know what I mean…
Can afford a different bike, but no-one will insure me on it :frowning:

Also, they’re doubling the insurance on my YBR when I have to renew it…:frowning:

Shop arround for insurance. I’ve been anal enough to look for a new policy now 4 months before I have to renew. It’s going up too - but the best thing I can suggest is to shop around.
Also, take a few bike courses. Unfortunately, NCB isn’t enough to prove that you’re a good rider. Well not anymore anyway.

What type of licence do you have?
If you’re stuck on a provisional licence then I say go for r125 or cbr 125. KTM with their 125 too.
If you’re on a restricted licence then maybe look at the 400cc bikes. The RVF is where I wish I started at.
It depends on you definition of fun.

Currently on a CBT, but the time I have to renew i’ll be 18 with a restricted license
I was hoping to go for a YZF but thats 1500 for the year :frowning:

not exatly…i did own ybr125 but i bought it new, as i didn’t want to ride a used bike in case it had something wrong with it, so i paid a hell of a lot of money ( or should i say wasted ) on a brand new bike from yamaha dealer however it did come with a 1 years free insurance, and after one year my insurance was something silly, i think it was definitely under £150 which was great but i didn’t want to ride 125’s anymore

What are the actual quotes? I had to take the hit for the first year or two to build up NCB to be able to get big bikes, we’re talking 1700euro for a 125cc… I just balance it against the cost of a yearly train ticket, realise that atleast I’ll have something to show for it in the end, and lived with it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother upgrading 125s in fairness, the difference isn’t really going to be worth it. Have you got quotes from ?

:w00t: £1500 for a YZF. I hope you mean the R1! Thats ridiculous. The first motorcycle policy I got was on a Speedfight 100 then I got a R125 and the difference was £30 or 40. I think the r125 was £280 something when I was 18 (or it might have been 17).

I’m now insured on a GSX650F for £412 full comp with a £350 excess.

Look at and Motorcycle Direct. Get the 3 best quote and play them off against each other. But as mentioned above keep your money for the big bike as there is no point of “upgrading” to another 125. Plus YBRs are perfectly good. Done my test on one.

We tend to get posts like these pretty regularly, so there are a few rules.

1: Get on line and hit the comparison sites.
2: Hit people like Direct line who aren’t on the comparison sites.
3: Get older and more experienced.

Even after 40 … er… something years of motorcycle riding I still get silly quotes. I just follow the rules 1-3 and end up paying less than last year.

That said, you are going to be screwed. It’s the nature of the insurance beast. When you have got the best quote, you’ll still be shocked but just have to bite the bullet.

We’ve all been there at some time.

YZF r125 - £1500 per year with £750 excess

Mate that doesn’t sound at all right. Shop around. Do a fake quote with your details saying you’ve just passed your licence and I bet you £1500 will insure a bandit/hornet with lots of change.

If you accept the quote below you’ll be out of pocket in the event of a theft or fault accident as your total expense will be £2250. I don’t know how much your getting yours for but mine was only £3300 brand new at the time.

That’s ridiculous.

When I went for first big bike last year (only an XJ6, but still) CIA gave me the cheapest quote at around £500 fully comp. This year they’ve put a renewal quote in that’s about 40% more expensive. Quick spin around the comparison sites found me a few quotes under half of that renewal cost and I’m currently bargaining for quotes of about £200-300.

In short, what Oldguy said - check around but be prepared to take a hit until you’ve built up some NCB, experience and age.

Finally, some of the insurers ask what the biggest bike you’ve ridden is when you apply - might be advantageous for future big bike insurance if you’ve gained experience of an intermediate bike (33hp on a restricted license I think?). If you’re happy to ride an old, unnappealing 250cc or something for a while then the premiums might work out better.

Oh dear lord that’s terrible! Where about do you live is there security issues?

unless ur a balla like illz and get an r6 @ 19 … & pay 5k insurance :slight_smile:


illz who ?

Go Compare / Moneysupermarket and Compare the Market.

Got a renewal for £630 - and finally paid £238… shop around!

illz the guy who bangs ur mum on a regz

I think the problem you looking at is these sorts of bikes are a thieves best friend, your insuraning this again theft more than anything else…

I knew a kid who had a little scooter at 16 his insurance was £1400 when he questioned the quote it was more to do with the bike than his age. As they are so easy to steal, and funny enough 2 months after getting it, it was knicked.

for a 17 yr old those prices sound about right.

theres no cheap way of getting your own insurance, untill you have a few yrs experience.

oh that one :slight_smile:

yes that 1…

anyway on a serious note, i had a yzfr125 @ 18 and insurance on that was 800 a year with just CBT, now im 20 and R6, insurance was almost 5k, howeveer as im turning 21 before renewal and i got 1 years no claims now its going down to 1400 a year…so just bite the bullett for a year, be safe and then when you get your 1 year ncb it will go down significantly. Having security devices which are approved by insurers can also guarantee a discount.

Must admit post code makes a significant impact on underwriting rates, therefore if you could find a garage where you can say you keep your bike overnight your premiumw will be reduced, furthermore as per the previous suggestions in the thread look to take more qualifications after you pass the test, they all have slight percentage discounts which count towards your premium, im doing my california super bike this summer and that should make my premium even lower…


I pay £190 on a 2009 SV650S, 17, 1 NCB, garaged and bikesafe. £250 excess.

My mums insurance company wanted £1400 to add me on her XT125X hahaa. I’ve got cover to ride any bike aswell :slight_smile: