Do you have to mention if you have a different can on your bike? will it invalidate the insurance or will they just only replace it for the original can?

Im sure its one of those things that you need to inform the insurance about. But im sure someone with a lot more knowledge will be along soon.

I’m sure that you have to mention it, but I was told when I renewed my insurance, if it doesn’t make the bike go any faster, then there would be no increase in the price.

However, if you don’t mention it, how are you meant to have it covered by the insurance company?

Have just redone mine, the aftermarket can & the heated grips are a modification on the original spec so have to be mentioned. Made no difference to the price, but I’m sure that if you did not declare there would be some ‘wriggle room’ when coming to make a payment on a claim.

I would always declare, even if it costs you a small amount more. But when your premium is £86 for the year, can’t complain :slight_smile:

You have to mention any change you make to the bike that isn’t factory standard. If you don’t then chances are you’ll invalidate your insurance and they won’t pay out.


Endorse the “tell them everything”.

Don’t give the bastards an excuse to wriggle out.