try express insurance, i got fully comp only havin my liscense for a week on my daytona 675 for only £900

u peeps should get outa town here in the sticks. ok old peep and old bike but £101 fullycomp cant be bad and thats with ebike

OMG at the 11th hour I thought I would go for one more quote from bennetts and it went from £155 to £101 WOOOHOOOOO bennetts rule

Well done, i still find E-bike best for me …

But what level of cover and excess. Read what your getting for your 101 quid, the 155 sovs quote may give you better cover with a lower excess. Cheap ain’t always good!

Express Insurance have done it for me again this year but don’t do it online, do a search, take the lowest quote, phone Express up knock 50quid of the quote tell them thats the best so far and they will still beat the quote. just make sure that all you want in the cover is there.

The trick with cheep insurance is to get them to compete with each other for your business. 1 month from renewal try they won’t quote over a month), they can see your details and who’s undercutting them.(As they’ll ring you to try and get you to commit early to buying insurance). So every 7 days til your renewal, type in a new quote with the same details which the website stores for you. Hold out til about 3 days to go. Watch your insurance fall.

lol man I always check that, TPFT and £150 excess…

What a result huh…

I just finished with e-bike bennetts £101 or e-bike renewal (you ready and sitting down) £343