ok it is that time of the year we all hate, I have to renew the bike iunsurance any suggestions on providers so far I have tried.

E-bike (what a bunch of cowboys)

Carole Nash

Bennetts (who are at the moment tops)

pretty cheap, they insure me with 2 bikes in Peckham without a garage fully comp for £500.

link dont work

ok got it on a google search and I did not think that there could be anyone out there more expensive than e-bike

Try MCE Edwards. They’re at

good man you just saved me another £6 I’m now down to £149

insurance2000 were cheaper than MCE?

Thats crazy, MCE wanted 1,200 from me for my 2?

I think it is one of those things man, just cos it is cheaper for you they rape me to make up for it… Also if you are older that may make up for it…

H&R, Express Insurance (cheapest for me this year), Riders Choice.

motorcycle direct

oli ninjadom,

Thanks tried these, again not the cheapest infact that motorcycle direct was like £600

H&R were the cheapest on my GSXR & also for my mate with his R6 - I used the insurance thing that Jay set up on the site - it takes into account your car no claims etc too.


They did me an ungaraged SV, in Lambeth, 11 months licence held and 0 no claims for £360

Oli and I’m the other end of the road to you, got 2 years no claims, garaged and getting charged £660 for my 600 !?!?!?!?

Makes no sense whatsoever.

I’ve just insured my new bike through H & R insurance, they were a hell of a lot cheaper than anyone else.

My previous insurer, Devitt, quoted me £34,000 TPF+T on the bike! I thought it was a mistake, but one of their other quotes was for £32,000!!!

Eh !

That’s pretty much what I thought too!!

Express if you’ve got a Zuki. Cheapest for me the last two years

Used Virgin for the last 3 years for my GSXR, last year only £180 tpf&t, garaged 4 years no claims SW15.

Think Virgin are just the brokers cos when they called me last month to ask about renewal, they said it was CIA, so worth trying them too.

Norwich Union are the peeps I use. Just renewed the policy 117 quid including uninsured losses cover. The policy would have been less than a ton if I didn’t take the 25 quid unisured loss thing but would still cover leathers/boots and lid…for 25 quid its worth getting back loss of earnings etc I reckon