I know there has probably been similar threads before, but I can’t find them!

It’s that dreaded time of year again when the insurance is due…Can anyone give me any recommendations as to who to use?

Get a copy of MCN and call as many companies as poss and play them off against each other. Ebikeinsurance website is quite popular at the mo. Many people are with Carole Nash but ive always found they were the most expensive for me. But be careful, cheapest doesnt mean best, u prolly know this stuff anyway.

The usual:

-Declare any (road legal) add on’s e.g exhausts etc…
-Try and get unlimited milage, pillion covarage, European cover, Legal cover etc…
-Also when you get your documents check them properly as ive found they agree to all my needs but the documentation says otherwise.

All the best.

Motorcycle Direct have always done me a good turn, give them a try.

E-bike were the cheapest for me but £800!!!

I use the same as gixxerboy. unbeatable, some times can be a quarter of what carole nash offer.

I use ebike. Thied the price of anyone else I tried.