well its that time again,my premium is nearly 100 quid more this year, looking for cheaper quotes,with H+R at moment they have always beaten any other quotes i get,not this year though so im looking for another broker, any one got any ideas?

MCE “always willing to do a deal”

they undercut my H + R quote, and threw in the other crap which you never use (legal cover, property claim cover, etc)

but I reckon you should get projects insurance company… those bar-stewards quoted him £1400 less than everyone else.

Try calling Ronnie at Riders choice insurance, join the mcninjas site as you may get a discount through them

Get a copy of the MCN and get ringing the numbers in Bikemart. Tedious and boring - i know but it will save you a lot of money.

Damn right lol

On my CBR everyone was quoting me £2000 and the next best was MCE who quoted £1400. So I put in for a quote with who quoted me £685 result!

Is that Fully comp or TPFT?

Tell them you are “going to ring around 20 agents and then take the best deal” this way they wont mess you about undercutting the last/best one… “how much have you been quoted already” by £25…you cut straight to the chase.

Got mine down to £450comp, then rang Virgin [been recommended] and the guy said “that’s as cheap as you will ever get it, rip the guys arm off”

Most MC policies are underwritten by Eagle Star…went direct to them, was quoted £14,000 !! was told it was a pool they had closed and dindt want any more risk on that whatever/thingy, bizarre, they work in strange ways at times…

Carole Nash and Motorcycle Direct have always been the best for me…

CN - 08007819307
MCD - 08707518499

Hope it helps…



thanks for yor replies,cheers guys