Insurance (yawn!) Question...

afternoon everyone!

Well, it’s that horrible time again when my insurance is due - just before Christmas, marvellous!

I’m filling in a few online forms to get quotes, but I need to know what the code is for having 3pts on your licence for speeding (34mph in a 30 zone if that makes a difference).

But i’ve left my licence at home - anyone any ideas?


On a happier note - am looking forward to meeting y’all at the party - yippee!

General Speeding offences:

Speed Limits SP10

Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits…3-6


Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)…



Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road…3-6 SP40

Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit…3-6


Exceeding speed limit on a motorway…3-6 SP60

Undefined speed limit offence…3-6

yours would be an SP30 like most of us here…

thanks mate - just what i wanted (well, the info I mean, not the points, obviously)!

Nice to know i’m not alone then!

Just call ebike insurance mate. Cheapest by far usually

You probably don’t even have to declare SP30; when I renewed mine and looked at other quotes a couple of months ago, they (Bennetts & Ebike) specifically told you to exclude SP30s.

…nah it doesn’t make any difference…but - for ferks sake 34 in a 30???

Was this on your bike, and was it GATSO or plod, and…where about was it, man?

if you only have 3 points then it wont make any difference to ur insurance… but u do have to declare it…

dependant on what type of offence it is… SP30 are pretty innocent…

the ones that are bad are TP30 - going through traffic lights etc… that is dangerous and will put up your insurance…

Difference between me and a mate of mine is £300 on insurance alone and he’s got 1 years no claims, older, plus doesnt have a new bike…

other than that… if u find a cheap insurance company then i may look to change… although mine is about the cheapest i’ll get its pretty expensive… worth checking out for next years insurance pallava!!



when did u get your points? a long time ago?

because you can get them taken off if your willing to do a speed awareness course

If you’re within (10% over the speed limit +2+2)

30 mph - 37 mph

40 mph - 48 mph

50 mph - 59 mph

60 mph - 70 mph

70 mph - 81 mph

then ur allowed to go for one of these schemes… they should have offered it to you if you had been caught within the last year … my friend did it and just paid the fine, did the course and viola NO POINTS!

wish i had that option… caught by a gatso and was before this pilot scheme…

so stuck with 3 points on my licence that are active for 8 months i think…

then my NCB should kick in so all good… hopefully reduced insurance…

good luck.


34 in a 30 - tight gits

34 in a 30… what the hell? I’d have laughed in his face for that! Unlucky Flick I see cop cars cruising at 35/40 all the time in 30 zones, that just takes the piss quite frankley.

34 in a 30 = exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road = speeding = prosecution.

Definately make sure you pay ebikeinsurance a visit, they halved ny insurance this year and its all online aswell. I change details, add bikes, take bikes off as and when I need to.

For years European cover, and the usual legal cover and I get to ride any other big too (a novelty for me being in London, 2yrs NCB and a theft claim)

Darryl, I’m not trying to belittle the act of speeding, but that reeeeally is stretching things a bit, most peoples speedos are out by that much!

Indeed, so he was prob looking at nearly 40 on his speedo. So fair cop?

Thats harsh. Thats why I always make sure my speedo is always under 30mph when I go past speed cameras.

So whats your point??

my point is simple. don’t speed.



Yeah thats very simple daryl - but come on, were living under a government that preaches fairness and leinency - now 4 miles an hour?

Surely this is just a matter of nicking someone for the sake of it/extra revenue?

It’s been done to me in the past, when I’ve been done and knew it was cos they were making up figures(not for speeding) it was so rediculous.

Now I know you have your job to do - and mostly you guys are fair - but come on now - 4 mph - no apparent risk to anyone, how come you guys jump up for it like this?

hello, morning everyone!

thanks so much for all your advice, it’s really helpful. Will definitely be giving ebike a go!

34 in a 30 - of course I know it’s over the speed limit, but can’t help thinking I am just bumping up revenue somewhere. and I just don’t think it’s too much to ask for an ounce of reasonableness in life. I can’t remember now where it was - only doing 34mph, my speed wasn’t the most important thing on my mind at that point.

I wasn’t offered that speed awareness scheme - if it doesn’t make any difference to your premium, i’d rather be doing a bike safe course or something, but thanks for the tip.

will let you know which insurance company I end up with…(ooo, the excitement)!

it don’t see my job as nicking someone for the sake of it/extra revenue; it certainly does’nt line my pocket’s. if you felt that you were being ‘done’ because they were making up the figures(not for speeding) and it was so ridiculous, you should of asked to attend court to explain.

yes, we have a job to do, and most of us are fair(very), but come on now chrisdee, 4 miles an hour over the speed limit?, no apparent risk to anyone?..

riding a few mph over the over the 30mph limit, will lead to a much longer stopping distance that could lead to drastic consequences. this is why there is a continuous campaign to enforce the 30 mph speed limit in built-up areas.