Insurance time again


Just sorted out insurance and I’m happy!

One year old KTM 1290 GT : Fully comp including commuting into the City of London from Essex (group B postcode), pillion cover, £400 compulsory excess, £0 optional excess, 8k miles pa. I have 11 years NCD although I think they do max of 9??

It was £215 :slight_smile:

Done via a comparison site which put me in touch with Principal and is underwritten by Markerstudy.


All my motorcycle insurance policies have been with Markerstudy. I get there via Go Compare then Just Motorcycle Insurance then Markerstudy.

Group B postcode makes a big difference.

Did you have to declare the commuting destination?


Wow. I need to move.


Jesus, that is good. Congrats.


I love a good insurance thread.

So I got £350 fully comprehensive for an 09 CBR600RR parked in a gated compound.

The excess was huge, £1,075, however, looking at the other quotes I had they had a higher premium and lower excess, combined was always about £1K so I went with MCE and I’ll try to stay on. (Touch wood). It also includes track day insurance and up to 10K miles which is nice.

There was a note on another forum that, “no one pays the excess anyway.” Meaning that in an at fault accident where no one else was involved and you didn’t damage anything else you’ll just eat the cost of the damage to save your premium which is typically true.

I upgraded to European Breakdown and recovery for an extra £70 so that’s £420 all in. Not my best year. I had about £300 with Principal when I had a garage but still not bad going. 1st year ever on the bike was over a grand.


I was pretty happy with my renewal quote but thought I’d have a quick look on a comparison site just in case…
I ended up getting my renewal for the year for £104.

To say I’m over the moon with that price would be an understatement :joy:



Yes - actually that’s a good point. My bike is in a secure car park under my office.