Insurance rise experienced by anyone?

No should be ok without credit but just annoying that I’m not getting a discount, already fork out loads for my bike and car insurance.

Premiums are on the rise because of the personal injury claims. When I lived in America 30 years ago, they were called Ambulance chasers. Lawyers would listen on police scanners for RTA’s rush to the scene, and leave their credentials vowing to get lots of compensation.

The UK is now a compensation society, and it will get worse. My girlfriend reversed into a car in a petrol station, a very minor shunt, no damage to her car, and a very small dent to the other vehicle. This was a 50/50 knock, but now she is being sued by all four Albanian occupants for whiplash, headaches, and shoulder injuries. These are scammers, and the worst thing of all is according to the insurance company, they are going to win.

I think they should all be charged with fraud and deported. Until we can stop this criminal activity be prepared to pay lots more. I think the loading on all insurance premiums is £30 to £40 .


I’ve had about £80 increase on my car insurance.

Apparently there’s now a lot more insurance groups - something like 25 of them and cars have been re-rated as there’s more performance diesels and the like than there were when the original bands were brought in. My car was a group 4 before now it’s a group 6 (yes it’s a slow car lol) so a change in band may make a difference too.

What do you mean 50/50 knock? From what I read and understood was your girlfriend reversed into a third party?

i would advise look on a comparrison site, i know they differ too.
my insurance was up and went on comparriso site and got 1 £70 cheaper, not a lot you may think but seeing as was about 180 and got quote for 1100 its a big difference, lol.
i always get the quote but then phone number rather than do it online.
just done it with me bike insurance too, got quote off swinton for about 170 done online and got 107 fully comp, will wait and see wot my insurance company say cos the online quote i got is with the company i am with now so that will be interesting, lol

I read an article in Autotrader regarding the insurance group ratings and it seems there is a new system in place. Anyone know what the new range and groupings are?I ended up getting the same price as I paid last year, that’s the best my insurance company offered for being with them for the past 4 years. Couldn’t get anything better so had to bite the bullet and take it.My previous insurance group was 20, wonder what the S2000 is now…

I’d love to be paying that sort of money for fully comp!

The car driver made sure that she hit him, they are scammers, she was clear to reverse, he took his opportunity to get hit. they normally pick a target and let you run into the back of them, then claim thousands for personal injurys.

you might after riding 20 yrs plus and having same amount of ncb, lol

Been driving for 12 years now and lots of NCB but still pay over £700

Wow, my insurance group went from 20 to 40 now!

What car do you drive?

Car insurance renewal due - gone up £11 from last year - not as bad as expected.

Honda S2000

Insurance going up over years? Thats a *****. I guess thats just the economics of the current financial climate.

My insurance always goes up even though I’ve got full NCB - I just ring around and get some online quotes and ask Elephant to try and beat it, if they cant I go elsewhere. I always manage to get it cheaper than what it was though.

People doing fraudulent claims and all of the claims made during the snow will have an effect on everyones premiums.