Insurance rise experienced by anyone?

I know this is a bike forum but my car insurance is coming up for renewal and it’s gone up even though I haven’t claimed and have 6 years NCB!! I called my insurers and they advised me everyones rates have gone up, think I’m being conned, they said because I’ve been a loyal customer they’ll match what I paid last year! I’ve tried shopping round and everyone now wants close to a grand when last year my best quote was £650!! Nothing’s changed in my personal circumstances either.

To rub salt on the wound, my company insurance scheme have refused to insure me as my car doesn’t come up on their computer system! :angry:

since the recession there has been a increase in fraudulant claims and there is only 1 person that pays for those and that is you…

Mine is the same mate, best I could get was same as last year which is still more than I was paying 2 years ago

i was with direct line for 2 years claimed nothing and had no points added on my licence and mine went up!

they said it was due to insurance rate inflation changes or something, i argued with them and they refused to even match what i was on before. went onto and admiral gave me a quote for about 10-20quid lower than what i was paying before so i went with that

there is a national increase for all car drivers unfortunately!

ive just had a look around for the article, but cant find it… im sure there was something on the BBC - maybe similar for bikes soon too!

I read somewhere there was a change to their insurance grouping and no longer the old system of group 1-20?? I hate insurance and insurance companies. What’s most annoying is the annoying little sh!t that takes the quote on the phone and gives a huge premium quote and then starts asking for bank details thinking you’re a mug and going to take it! Bunch of thieving c**ts!!

When I brought my new car last august, I went from an 04 plated Ford C-Max to a brand new 09 Jag and my premium dropped by about £150.

My wife now has my old car, and her premium dropped by about £300 although she was running around in a T plate V6 Omega previously.

A lot depends on age, experience, in some cases qualifications, claims history and the like, but it certainly pays to shop around on the phone rather than the net.

Get them to remove Legal Expenses Insurance and this will drop your premium by about £30 straight away :wink:

I never pay any attention to renewal notices and tend to go for someone different anyway. Fat chance of any loyalty reward so I always shop around at renewal time regardless.

actually thats the best thing to do, look around on the price comparison sites… if you find something cheaper, just use that to negotiate a lower price for you current insurer.

just give them some 8ollocks about wanting to be loyal to them and they will usually try and swing something for you…

My insurance went down by £200 this year.


Same company to.

+1 i saved £270 with churchhill was with admiral my wife saved £190 with the same com:

Shop around, no prizes for staying loyal and remember, third party cover is all that is required by law, everything else is an add on, geared to extract more money from you. Pay your money and take your chance. You will never win.

I shopped around for my multi-car ins back in November. Bearing in mind Dave is on the policy and only passed his car test Dec 08…however, the SP50 of that year in the May of that year seems to be taken into consideration but his 20+ yrs bike licence isn’t…

…insurance companies…thieving scum.

My Multi-car went from £850 for the two cars, fully comp…to £1200…WTF? :w00t:

Just had my car renewal quote come through it’s gone from £490 last year to £330 this.

Was fully expecting it to go up as I guess there’ll have been a significant increase in accident claims with all the snow & ice we’ve had this winter.

Bike insurance was lower too, but I did change my main bike to a lower group one, so not really a direct comparison.

Anyway, I’m rather surprised but happy! :smiley:

Funny how much lee-way they actually have, I’ve both bikes with Groupa Insurances but one’s via the AA insurance broker and the other’s through Swinton broker. Daft or what. Cars with neither of them, tho they both do cars.

mate I think they are having a laugh! Mine is due for renewal next month and I got the letter quoting the new premium…it has gone down! I think you should call a few different insurance providers to get some quotes…if you get a better one switch it…:wink:

Insurance companies work on lethargy. You get the best quote, and you never move and slowly over the years they slowly bump up the price until you realise that you are getting shafted.

Every year (although it is a pain in the arse) I always shop around for insurance.

Definately shop around. I was with Churchill and they wanted £120 more than I paid last year, ended up with Admiral who were £80 cheaper than my previous premium. So I paid £280 up front. Bike insurance went from £360 to £125! Nothing like shopping around, and the fact that I am nearly middle aged… ooops.

Cheers guys, went on all the price comparison websites and called numerous companies and no one can better my renewal. :angry:

Hope you’re not planning on borrowing money or applying for a new credit card any time soon then:

I got the same story from my insurance company, said all the rates have gone up. Renewal price is practically the same as last year for me…

Mehhh it isn’t due yet and bikes been off the road for 3 months, I’ll look into it later :Whistling: