Insurance rip off!!!!

ok so my car insurance is due next month…

so run some quotes I was absoultly flabbergasted to see the results…

bear in mind last year I was paying about £250 for the same car the lowest quote I have so far been given is £440!!! nearly £200 more than last year…

I have an extra years no claims (now 6) and it is a family car it is not like a ferrari or anything link that…

cannot believe it so, so far on the car

Petrol UP
My Tax UP
my mot UP

now my bloody insurance where does it end!

call them back and say you were quoted £175 and ask if they can match it/beat it.

There was a news story last week about vehicle insurance fraud jumping by 60% in the last few months.

Unfortunatly honest road users are now having to pay for these scum sucking fraundsters

We bought a car last month as we had to sell out campervan - the range of quotes was ridiculous, from £260 to over a grand for 3rd party fire and theft with 2 years NCB… In the end I went through First Choice and got a good deal. If you don’t do your homework, they’ll see you coming every time.

Mmmmm. Ill be well cheesed if mine goes up. Due within the next couple of months I think so its phone around time again.