Insurance Question

Hi All,

I have a question that I hope someone can help with. I have searched but cannot find the info I need.

I am looking at getting back on two wheels,my last bike was stolen from the street outside my house. I have a friend who lives in a block of flats about 50 metres from my house and he has an undercover car park space that I can rent from him.

The issue I have is that the minute I get a quote for insurance the quote comes out double parking in my friends secure space as apposed to parking it on the street as the bike is kept away from my house.

Question -Can I insure the bike at my friends address although it will be registered at my address but will be kept at my friends address overnight.

Many Thanks for reading and your help


The postcode of my home and my garage don’t match and it usually gets referred to underwriters although it has never increased the premium. I think you will have to talk to a real person to get it sorted.

I did speak to an actual agent and my quote goes from £300 parking on the street to 660 parking in undercover secure car park

I’ve heard that underground carparks sometimes cost more than leaving them on the street as it’s more hidden so less passing people to disturb any thieves.

You usually insure the bike from the address where the registered keeper lives, but that doesn’t mean it has to be kept there… you can insure it for being parked anywhere as long as you tell them.

Don’t be tempted to insure it from your friend’s address as if you’re living there, as in the event of a claim they would suss you out from a mile away and refuse to pay out. Insure it for being garaged there if you like (although with the increase in premium I can’t see that being realistic).

Might be better sticking with on-street parking and buying an Almax. :cool:


That helps,I was planning on insuring it as if I lived there but it shows that is a no go,I will stick to parking it on street as parking it in my friends bay is an extra £300 a year plus the £50 a month I was going to pay.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t get nicked

Thanks for the help

Put an Almax chain on it . You simply cannot buy better. Call them, say I referred you to them, and you’ll get some kind of discount.