insurance question

Just looking at insurance quotes and am not liking the prices!!

I tried using a different address for a family member and the quote came 200 quid cheaper.

My question is can i legally have the bike log book registered to one address but insured at another

(the vehicle will be kept at the second address)

just wondering what will happen when the tax documents come through.

Any advice please?

If only it was that simple!

ahh so its like that then?

If it was that easy everyone would do it. The address you give has to be yours or it is fraud. If the bike is stolen overnight fro ma different address than the one you gave expect to have a good reason why it wasn’t at your home if you want to get a payout etc. Any false info you provide will be used as an ecxcuse to invalidate the policy. If on the other hand you genuinely store the bike with relatives, and make that clear to the insurer, you may get a discount.