I got a letter through the other day, its completly slipped my mind till now…

it was from the finance company that provides the loan for my insurance as i pay in instalments, see when my 650 was wrote off i transfered teh polcy onto my thou…

the letter was stating that the credit agreement has been terminated? the agreement number is completly differrent to the number provided for my mid-adjustment terms when i swapped the policy? im confused!!!

i have checked my reg plate on askMID and it seems i am insured and i have no letter from Express insurance whom im insured with stating that my polcy has been cancceled.

i’m thinking the letter is for my old 650 policy? i cant find out till monday…any ideas anyone? i need to knwo as i was planning on rding tomrrow and i cant ride if im not insured!?

give them a ring 1st thing and check mate is best idea. but likely its just cancelled for the 650 agreement. when they swap over your insurance the new bike to be insured must go in under a new agreement ref. so when its swapped the credit agreement is cancelled then a new 1 taken out for the remainder of your insurance year on the new bike…that make sense? so you are still insured they hav just put it under a new credit agreement, but to do this they cancell the old 1 so the credit comapny sends you a letter stating this…and breathe! :w00t:

thats what i thought!

its must be for the old 650 policy, checked teh numbers tho, the mid adjustment terms(for the thou) and the old 650 agreement numbber match, teh other letter doesnt.

havent recieved any missed payment letters etc, so should be ok, i will check askMID before i head out tomrrow.

thanks for replieing dude:)

when you make a claim the full amount of your policy becomes payable there and then…

i ddidnt make a claim…

if your refering to my off>? the claim was made oon the 3rd partys insurance.

this is my thou’s insurance not the 6.

ah sorted it was teh 650 agreement!