Insurance Policy after Bike Theft


Sam, what exactly do you want to know, the title of your post is very generic

It’s OK i was on the phone to them whilst posting and pressed enter by mistake whilst talking tothem.

Cup of tea


Basically, they want full payment of my Policy from the Blade that was stolen as i was paying in installments. they never told me about this and the first i knew of it was today when i got a letter stating my policy has been cancelled and they are going to take £357 out of my account on 5th January!! I just wanted to know if anyone who had a bike stolen, have they had to pay the full premium?? I was under the impression once it’s paid out and policy cancelled that is all the money side sorted

When l switched companies l checked and was told my replacement bike could go on the existing policy. I had heard some companies expire the policy after a theft claim - never had a loss claim on car or bike so no experience here but do share yours.

I went with a different company for the New Bike as they were cheaper, i know wish i had just continued the Policy!!

In answer to your point, the instalments are to a loan that paid for the policy so you would need to compete them. The literature tends to imply you are paying your insurance monthly but you are usually settling a loan that covers the whole premium.

I had exactly the same when my blade was stolen. They took it out of the payout, though,