Insurance payout offer on V's bike

V got a phone call this afternoon informing her the value the insurance company has put on the bike.

It was a 53 plate Kwak ER-5 with 15,500 on the clock.

They have offered £1400 which doesn’t seem to bad. Looked at Parkers and their valuation is;

Independent Dealer £1,535
Private Good £1,435
Private Poor £900
Part Exchange £1,005

Seems fair and can’t really see the point in arguing for another £100 or so.

as long as you happy with it then yer no need to throw any dummies I guess

At the end of the day the main fight is going to be for the compensation so I reckon she might as well take the money and run, well OK hobble away as quickly as possible :smiley:

Good luck with getting what you deserve in terms of compensation.

So far the driver has admitted 100% liability but that can still change.

Got all the paperwork through from White Dalton and as a guideline they reckon 18 months to settle if not contested but 28 months if the insurance company decide to contest.

So V will just have to wait and see what happens.

You have my total sympathy :wink:

Who are you going through for your claim, must admit V’s insurers were not happy she didn’t use the panel solicitor.