Insurance pay-out offer.

I have lost my 08 SV650s recently, and insurance company is offering me £3350 for my bike and my excess is £200. Got a few extras on. Is that a good offer? or I should haggle for more? and how to haggle:D

Thanks. Guys

Why not look on MCN at comparable bikes. If you think the offer is low, say so and show the bikes that demonstrate this…:slight_smile: Good luck

Just remember that they have actually offered you £3,550 once you include the excess, so if you see bikes for £3,700 they will probably argue fair price.

You will really have to be looking for bikes at or over £4k to convince them that you are entitled to more. Since they will argue that bikes are always advertised slightly higher then sale price so anything less then £4k they will argue that after haggling you wouldn’t get much more.

As to aftermarket kit, I am not sure on that, did you tell them about those bits? Did you inform them when you placed them on the bike and did they accept them onto your policy at the same price?

If not, then you will probably find they don’t count towards the payout you will receive.

Get on autotrader, and all the other sites you can find selling your bike.

This will let you work out an average cost. Use the higher priced (dealer) bikes around the same age and mileage as yours and drop it in a word doc with pics and prices.

Did this for other people and it helped increase the payout by a few hundred pounds.

Insurance companies usually employ an expert to examine and evaluate the car. They also work from something called Glass’s Guide’ which gives the list price for all makes and models of car, plus 3 levels for condition. Unfortunately cars lose value very quickly and they are rarely worth what we paid for them or think they should be worth. There is always room for negotiation but you will probably find they will stick to the guide price and you will have to lump it!

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