Insurance NCB advice.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on whether I still have my NCB or not.

I took out a policy in 11/2008 so it expired in 11/2009, I took a break from biking before coming back so took out a new policy on 02/2012 (not declaring any NCB).

Im looking to change my bike and checked the quotes, declaring NCB has a difference of £1000!!

So my question is, are my previous NCB still valid?

Thanks in advance,

no, NCB is valid for 2 years when not being used, after that it’s gone I’m afraid

It’s usually got an expiry of 2 years, so the original policy would have expired, and the latest policy wouldn’t have a year on it yet, so won’t give you much value Doh.

Check various comparison sites, as quotes vary from place to place anyway.

It kinda depends. Usually the NCB expires 2 years after the end of the policy, but some companies will accept it for longer. I got a new car three years after my last policy expired and found that The Co-op would accept a NCB up to three years after, which was a result as it saved me a hefty amount.
So you may be able to find someone who will accept one from 2009.

Thanks for the responses, I have emailed their customer enquires department anyway. The previous policy is with the same company that I am with currently (MCE), so hopefully they can sort me out…

Good luck. MCE suck balls, I doubt they will help you.