Insurance Junk

Hey All,

My insurance from my off came through, car driver had no insurance (ARGH!)

My soliciters are trying to recover my uninsured losses, that covered everything from my helmets (had a pillion) jackets, boots, my laptop, luggage and everything that was in it.

The problem is, I need to provide photographic evidence of the damaged stuff, the hospital cut off and disposed of most of our kit; my laptop and phone is alright I’ve photographed them, but my satnav has just gone :S I couldn’t find it at the scene - also, they want proof of purchase on everything… but I’m a bloke - I don’t keep reciepts.

If anyone can help me out in any way, advise or recpeits from the last 6 months for Helmet/Leathers, I had Shark/Dianese/AlpineStars kit on, pillion was in Nitro ****.

Satnav was the little Garmin Bubble, the i3 (q3 even?)? um, think that covers it.

Hope you guys can assist, my heart sank when I found out he was uninsured … so much for getting another bike this year

soory to hear it mate, im a recieptless bloke too.

makes you sick when you pay all that money for insurance and they wont back you up

who are you insured with ?

hopefully the folks at LB will help get you sorted, good luck


Thanks for the reply, I bet there’s women everywhere shakin’ their heads at us … sigh

I was insured with Adrian Flux (aka Bikesure), brokers for Ensign - and my legal aid is with Leech & Co.

If anyone has experience with them, positive or negative, I’d be grateful to hear it!


Have you been in touch with ‘Rider Support Services’, they maybe able to help you . Phone # is 02082464900. worth a try


Thanks Ian,

I’ll certainly get intouch

im a woman shaking my head at you now!!! …tut tut tut

credit card statements??? still shaking my head


get back in touch with the shops you got the stuff from…they may help if you cry

good luck sweetheart…shrugging shoulders now

That’s just not on!!!

The insurance companmy is having a laugh - they know too well that human beings do not keep recipts fpor everything they own.

Go and meet the insuarnce guy and ask him has he got a receipt for his suit, his shirt? His tie? his bundies???

Of course not - they are trying to wheedle out of paying.


They will bang of a letter to the insrance company threatening to sue if they do not meet all costs in FULL!..AND they will be charged solicitors costs…

Once the insurance company sees that you’re not a stupid little kid that can be pushed around but that you mean business ( and they will incur more costs and their boss will be on their arse for mis-handling the settlement ) they will get their thumb out of their arse and pay up soon enough!

Try a no-win-no-fee solicitor first - they will advise you for free on what to do.

Otherwise I would recommend a ‘proper’ solicitor.

DON’T LET THE *******S PUSH YOU AROUND!!! Stand up for yourself and they will give in.

phew I hate insurance companies!

Anyone else disgusted on here with the insurance-less car driver?

Apparently we’re protecting the rights of the Iraqi people at a cost of BILLIONS of pounds of our taxes.

How come that moron Mr Blair and the Labour Loonies can’t make the same effort for the very people that PAY THOSE TAXES!

very very angry
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

blimey Tobi…you will have a seizure…i think a letter to your local Councellor is needed…or should that be counselor !..bless you sweetheart

Err, Triang read his post !

The driver doesn’t have any insurance & as he’s claiming for uninsured losses, he by definition isn’t covered for them under his policy, so once he’s got his threatening solicitors letter, what insurance company exactly is he going to send it to ?

Presume he needs it for the uninsured motorists bureau or whatever it’s called, or a personal claim against the driver through the courts, either way, neither are going to be too bothered about stringing it out for a bit as they have nothing to lose by doing so.

Me, when I saw that I nearly seized up with anger.

Hamley, they should sue him and take it out of his wages, or whatever. You now have to fight with your insurance company and they will put your premiums up in the future and the reason some d**khead who isn’t insured. Ring the number given by Ian, they helped a friend of mine.

Wiping froth from mouth.

I think they will accpet cut out from magazines with prices shwoing the costs of each item. However ure solicitors will be claiming for whatever amoutn all this adds up to with a break down from the car ins company. If they think ure taking the biscuit they are well with in there authority to ask for some proof that you actually had these items.

In the hospital report that they will recieve it will prib mention ure leathers were cutt off…Also this is a reasonable expense to ask for.

Things like sat nav etc they may ask for reciepts.

Good luck hambley…it is a long process…

Ooops I didn’t read the bit ‘my solicitors’

So I guess he is covered tpft - in which case - ooops.

I was quick to fire because I was in the same boat myself when a twat on a scooter totaled my bike outside of the house - no insurance.

My (then)insurance company dragged their feet until I got a solicitor on to them and they paid up within 3 days!

Sorry for the confusion

Hey Guys,

Thanks for posting back, was a little quiet over the weekend…

It’s my soliciters that have written to me, the ones appointed by my insurance company - in actuality they have been unable to trace the 3rd parties insurance, he may yet be insuerd, but they’re treating it asif he isn’t for the time being; I guess that’s policy…

I’ve been through a bike mag, and I might call a handy bike shop owner mate of mine, see if he can do me a few faux reciepts, I did buy most of my kit from there, so it shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve photographed everything I still have that was damaged, and linked that with anything I have regarding purchase and price to buy one now.

Regarding one other thing, the police will not return my calls, every time I call them - it’s yes sir, no sir, three bags of helpfullness sir, then when it comes to something they dont have handy ‘I’ll get PC Taylor to call you back sir, tomorrow afternoon OK for you?.. Great’ then i never hear another peep from them, and they have no recolection of my having called… is this just me and my perpetual bad luck, or can anyone else comment on the cops regarding RTA’s ?

Cheers Guys…

ps, does anyone have reciepts they’d lemme buy off them if by some coincidence they have the same kit I did ?

Did you pay for the big ticket items with cash? If not, you should have bank or credit card statements as someone has said. If you don’t keep your statements (and you should from now on), get to your bank online and get them from there. If you don’t have online bank access, what are you doing on this forum?


Never had a credit card, and I always pay cash – just the way my family has been brought up… remind me of when my dad went to buy his bike

(the bike was £2800)

“How will you be paying sir”


“Cash, like Visa, or a cheque?”


“You mean Visa…”

“No, Cash Cash… like real, Cash - paper, you know… CASH”

“I see sir, would you not prefer to use a Visa”

…confused the **** out of us :S

Err, do you really think it’s a smart move publicising the fact that you want some dodgy kit receipts for an insurance claim on a public forum ?

No Pat,

Cos I’m hardly doing anything wrong, by mate at the bike store is gonna sort me out, and where’s the harm?

There’s pics of me and my mates out riding with me wearing the kit, it’s just a case of having the reciepots, there’s no doubt as to whether or not I had the items, but I see where you’re coming from.


The MIB will ultimately deal with the uninsured untraced drivers claim. However, if you have the details of the guy who hit you, or caused the accident, I mean personal address details etc. (provided they are not false) why dont you see if you can personally sue him? You are likely to get a much higher payout that through the MIB which have pre-determined payouts according to set precedents.

Good luck.

So how does offering to buy receipts from people to fraudulently pass them off as your own, fit in with ‘hardly doing anything wrong’ ?