Insurance... I know it's a sore subject

Hi guys,

I know the topic of what insurance company should I use comes up all the time. Therefore I was hoping that everyone can post up who they use and a contact number/website addy. This way we can just go back to this thread each time we need to get a new quote.

OK, I’ll start:

A Quote Insurance (broker)
0800 0923 935

I did use Carole Nash up until this year.

Now with

Tel: 0870 751 8499

I think ThaNutz was good enough to post a massive list of about 200 insurers a while back… might be worth digging it up? - lowest cost I’ve found, significantly lower! Pay as you go policy - they top up 8 months of no claims to equate to 1 year. NCR Rapid Accelerator is their marketing lingo.

I had a claim with them last year. It went to legal teams but they paid up eventually. I am a satisfied customer.

Gave me quotes from 11 different companies for filling in my details once.

The cheapest for me was Direct Choice as the Broker - equity Red Star as the underwriter and they have both been very good so far with my claim.

me too they’re very competitive I found. Esp if you’ve extras on the bike as you can list them out with little effect on the premium. And it’s all done on line so no annoying call centre stuff.

Carole Nash - they were[1] the only brokers who will recover bike and rider from abroad in the case of the rider being incapacitated but the bike rideable. This has happened twice to riders I know and their insurers wouldn’t help in any form.

[1] The MAG EU breakdown insurance now covers this contingency as well.

ebike are pretty good…Huge discount if you fit a Tracker and further discounts if you do California Superbike School and Bikesafe.

Plus, pay as you go scheme is good so if you wanna insure just for summer to save cash, you can.

ebikeinsurers were quite good for me, loads better than Benets and CN but the best deal i got by far was with Elite. Got number from add in back of maagzine I’m afraid so no contact details at the mo. are really cheap. One of the only people to insure me in Peckham with my 2.

special deal with the I.A.M. so could not be beaten on price or policy