Insurance: Doubt about NCB (No-claim bonus)

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I have two bikes and I’ve never had any accident or claim with none of them. The first one was bought in September 2016, therefore I have 6 years NCB (No claims bonus). The second bike was bought in October 2020.

I would like to change my insurance for the second bike at the end of this month, when the insurance is asking me about my NCB, what should I say: 6 years (because I have a motorbike in the UK since 2016 with no claims) or just 2 years?

Not sure if NCB applies to me as a motorcycle driver or is something related to me and specifically to the motorbike that you are insuring.


As I understand it NCB can only be applied to one policy at a time.

Are you selling one of the bikes? Then that would be the NCB to be transferred.

Or if you’re adding a 3rd bike then maybe look at a multi-bike policy which would use one of the NCBs

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Thanks for your answer. No, I’m not selling any bikes, now I have a different insurance policy for each bike. I will look to change both policies for a multi-bike policy.

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I had a multi bike policy for years but the last few I split them as it was cheaper. All through the same broker and underwriter, they did me a deal of adding NCBs to them all to bring the price down.
It’s a pain doing 3 renewals each year but worth it for the savings.
It was all down to location and type of bike plus I wanted Class 1 business cover too on one of the bikes.
Previously I had that cover on all of them, but no one wanted to do it on a KTM enduro anymore lol

Correct, but if you have a claim, or even just a notifiable event, that will affect all policies, and any policies you might be named on, such as your partner’s car.

I have a multi-bike policy with business use (for all bikes). I didn’t have trouble getting the business use bit added, or difficulty when adding odd bikes like the DRZ 400. 12 years NCB now! Of course they only honour ten years worth.

The multi-bike policy is a lot cheaper for me, than separate policies.

and to add my tuppence on this.

NCB is all bull anyway as I discovered. Even after losing some NCB because the additional driver on my insurance had an accident, the following year did not affect the premium or if it did not by any noticeable measure.

It’s all a con!