Insurance companies do work!

Wow… I am over the moon… after my nasty little off a few weeks ago I thought my bike was for it - nearly £2k worth of damage on an 18 month CBF600 with 20k on the clock… was certain they were going to write it off - but good news!

Direct Line gave authorisation for the repairs yesterday and I’ll have the bike back within a week or so! Hurahhhh!

Now for a little trip to see James at Great Portland street to replace my lid and stuff and I’m all set for the summer :slight_smile:


If he still worked there you could!!

Loss of no claims and an up in policy price next time round…

Policy holders will pay via mass !!

Insurance is Legalised Gangsterism !!

Glad ya sorted mate.

haven’t lost my no-claims so I’m happy - chap who hit me admitted liability… which was good :slight_smile:

James has left Infinity!? bloody hell - good on him ! What’s he up to now?


Nice one Matt!

James’ is at Scooter World on Chiswick High Road now. We’ve already been in and bought some Dainese stuff, hehe. Cool shop.

Good u didnt lose your no claims BUT you will have you premium loaded next year on renewal mate its a fact, as fault or not insurance companies will see you as a risk now non fault accident or not.

glad to hear you will be back on the road soon matt

Just got my quote for this year for the insurance - fully comp has gone down by £50! Get in there :slight_smile:

Think it’s down to the fact that I’m only in my 3rd year insurance so my no-claims are still having an effect… would prob have had more of an effect without the bump I’m sure.


Yes mate i understand ur renewal has gone down but the loading wont come into play untill next years renewal as at the moment your claim is not settled untill all work is done and insurance is all signed off and bike fixed, next year is when the price will go up a bit with the loading. not taking the micky im just letting you know some ifno that helps mate, fault or no fault u still get a loading on insurance. scum of the earth insurance companies. but glad your getting your bike all fixed up mate.

… I don’t understand - I had to tell them all about the accident, give them all the details and the amounts and the like and they treated as ‘settled’ because they couldn’t make me an offer with an outstanding claim…

oh well done!! good news eh?, yeah come and see me n james for ya lid…

yay! new lid (and jacket and trousers)