insurance classification of a vehicle

Guys, sorry if it is an obvious thing but before i spend 20mins plus calling an 0870 number and being on hold whilst one memeber of staff goes to ask another,… if i have insurance cover on a car for business use and third party fire and theft commuting only on a bike but the car insurance covers me to drive other vehicles on business, does that mean i can use my bike to travel between sites and be covered…? i have asked hr at work and they reakon vehicle in car insurance terms does not cover bikes ?


You’re saying you want your fully comp insurance for your business car to cover your bike as third party as it would for a car? :unsure:

As far as I know you can only be covered on any other car you drive, not a bike. I stand to be corrected however…

the other fly in the ointment might be the bit that normally says “another vehicle not owned by the policyholder”


Can’t drive it anyway if vehicle belongs to you and in any case I haven’t come across insurance yet which crosses the big line between cars and bikes.

+2 on the other vechile cannot be owned by you.

… and these days the 3rd party entitlement is for ‘emergency use only’ in most cases.