Insurance claim still "open" over a year later

Got knocked off in January last year, but the claims still open.

Good news is that they’ve paid out and I’ve got a letter detailing that its 100% non fault and my no claims is intact.

Bad news is that the claims is still open while they do a high courts thing with admiral, not just for my claim but a whole bunch of them.

So its problematic when getting insurance, as you have to go through a whole dance to explain and get them to recognize that they can categorise me as non fault.

Anyway, should I just be gritting my teeth and waiting until its resolved, should I be worrying that its unresolved nature is costing me more on my insurance?

Insurance company’s don’t rush for no one my claim for a car accident I had took 3 years to settle & I wasn’t to blame

I have been told it can take up to 5 years

OK then maybe 19 months isnt so bad after all.

Do you get much grief when you go to reinsure?

not really I haven’t changed insurance company’s in years 1 I was lazy & 2 because of the car type its not the easy thing to insure in the first place

as long as you have non fault it shouldn’t affect you

just keep up with the fone calls so you don’t go into the forgetting pile

this is sad news =[ the time my claim is sorted ill have saved up another 3 years no claims

My claim took about 20 months to sort out - accident was clear cut - other driver admitted responsibility etc - I think they just string it out because they make more money that way - not in all cases obviously as some cases are highly complex and contentious - but mine could have been sorted out 6 months max.

Law society or whatever should examine the speed of some of these straightforward cases and force them to move more quickly.

They are baskets, why should they rush when the money is sitting in their account?:angry:

“as long as you have non fault it shouldn’t affect you”

Err, not necessarily. I think its been covered here before but a non fault can still lead to an increase in premiums. The insurance company still regard you as being a slightly higher risk factor. You cant claim against the tp for any potential future increase either.
I first experienced this when my car was reversed into whilst parked.

I suppose it all depends on what car you have also one of my cars is group 45 & the other 38 they come in the high risk so insurance tends not to change from one year to the next