Insurance assesor

Just had the insurance assesor round, after the bitch knocked my bike over - was sortta worried that he wud laff it off as I have bodged n repaired it, but hes gonna say about a cash settlement so I can fix it myself

Well done! Good luck mate

Nice one!

result !

well wont hold my breath, know what they r like, prob get enuff for tank of petrol

Good luck how bad was the bike?

YAY just heard from Insurance company they r willing to pay £900 altho the parts bill comes to £1100 so will send a letter saying I’m not accepting the £900, that was quick from insurance didnt expect to hear for few weeks.

and seeing as thre bikes old and ive sortta repaired it that is going in my back pocket

hey hey hey sounds good !

Did you get an estimate for the repairs done ? If so how much were they ?

I’d be holding out f or the full repair cost less VAT

I’ve just heard that they have also deemed mine repairable so no write off and then buyback track bike :frowning:

Oh well, time to go back to plan A and trade it in for something sexier for the summer !

well i just spoken to insurance company and that is the full cost less the V.A.T. so will make do with that