insurance and london

My gal was getting quotes other day for her 125, some of them quoted £1400, another would only give her third party (not even fire and theft) and she was basically told cause its london, its very expensive.

With Barro and others having their bikes nicked, it begs the question is it safe to have a sports bike in london, and even if y ou pay an absolute fortune to insure them, is it even worth it as u never get it all back?

When i got my first bike(RS125 brand new out the showroom) i was getting quotes of about the same - try the small firms i got TPFT for 600 a year - from Test Valley ins Brokers, they use the NIG scheme! Very good service from them aswell! (and don’t do ONLINE quotes their over the top)

But yes it is worth having a sports bike in london - Cos they are FUN FUN FUN

Although you may have try ebiker, I have had 3 thefts in 4 years and they charged me a VERY reasonable £380 per year fully comp in SE London. OK, I am an old git bit it was still bloody good.

the insurance on my 125 when i first started riding was £800 fully comp… i also got quotes of £1500 and up… one year on and both bikes were quoted for £800

a plan would be to put the bike on your name, then list your girlfriend as a rider on that bike… could bring the insurance down some…

Try calling as many insurers as possible - the price will come down eventually! Also, if you’re worried about theft it may be worth investing in a ground anchor and sturdy chain, since they’ve got to get through this before they can get the bike into a van, etc

As said above mate … as many calls as possible (though do make sure you give ebike a go - heard nothing but good things about them). Be prepared for it to be pricey though.

I’m 33 with a brand new CBR600F in inner SE London, 1 years NCB, discount as it’s garaged, discount due to work and I’m still paying £960 fully comp.

My little scooter I had before was £400 fully comp.


daytona 675 (new)
daytona 955i (2003)
no alarm.
no immobs.
5 yrs ncb.
crowthorne (reading) area.
protected no claims.
class1 business use too.
full uk recovery.
full legal to 1 million.

£260, for the lot.

IAM policy, they have just teamed up with Adelaide…

handy, this IAM advanced training. oh… and living just outside the smoke.

I have one years NCB, policy is TPF&T locked in back garden. £200.00 plus riding other bikes cover. Shop around.

i haven,t got a 125 but i have use this compony for years they are very good,bit of an old fashioned compony.
vauntage - 0870 757 2224,

Is definately worth searching around.

Also if you have a TRACKER fitted, then if it is nicked, you got a better chance of getting it back! Speak to Charly, I think he can do discount for LB members. Or PM me or Sean for more details x

Guys, in threads like these, please do not mention what security (if any) you have on your bikes and where they are parked. A few months ago, there was a suggestion that riders of certain targeted bikes were followed home from the Ace, and bike thieves are bound to be logged on the bike sites, too. Don’t make it easy for them to find your bike and take it.

I have a CBR125, first year insurance £323, this year was £162, with commuting added

Not sure if Andrew will allow me to put name and number on here so pm me for their number

A Quote Insurance

I have also just insured my car with them and they saved me £103 on that

I rang lots of different companies and each one quoted about £100-£150 lower than the previous one had, until eventually they wouldn’t go any lower, damn! Bennetts and Motorcycle Direct gave me the best quotes for my 125.

Probably because statistically she is most likely to have an off in the first year… not saying she will of course.

My first year fully comp on my scooter many moons ago was £900. It then halved the following year

I was looking at getting a 749, but even with all the security features it’s still £2k+ even with 3 years NCB Just not worth it.

well she ended up getting it for about £350 tpft, she tried quite a few places and that was as low as it would go (kept in garage)

only prob is its £500 excess!!!

Maybe its my age, that for once has done me a favour

Not at all T, promoting good service is fair enough. If you worked for them and posted a thinly disgused advert, well…different matter.

Cheers Andrew, In fact the company have seen of all other competitors and i have the bike, the car and household insurance with them and they beat everyone else off my miles and with exactly the same if not better excesses

Shop around im 17 got a rs 125 1 years no claims tpft £340

Woa did i read correctly barros and others bikes being stolen?

I’ll keep an eye out all bike thefhs should be shot

i used these and got the best price for both the bike and the car;jsessionid=0000QUffYVAGd_iTlxL1-VZ8FQB:115ikiroo