Insurance again!

Anyone used these guys any thoughts good or bad?

I’m with them but never had a claim or anything with them.

whats the problem?

I swear by them - never had a problem. Whichever broker Ive used, ERS have always been cheapest and the most flexible. Now we go direct for a trade policy. Under £2k a year for the two of us commercially which covers insurance on a 7.5t lorry, 7 bikes (including an 07 zx10), a sprinter van, a car and third party on any other vehicle covered by our licenses connected with work use Europe wide - it also includes all the other insurance we need for our business - carriage of goods, employers liability etc…this despite 3 accidents on my record and being on bikes less than 3 years (no points though)…

Thanks for that, sounds like I’ll be going with them then, might even give them a try for my commercial stuff in November too :slight_smile:

I have thought they were superb up to a point. I have been with them for 5 years and had 8 years NCB protected. I claimed for a stolen bike three weeks ago and got paid out in 14 days. Fantastic until it came to insuring my new bike and they wanted to increase my premium from £280 to £740 ??? What was the point of the protected NCB ?

So now I have left them and got insurance through Carole Nash for £340

so overall very good but still cant understand that premium hike.