insurance advice

Could somebody advise me i am selling my bike before renewal of the insurance how long can will my no claims bonus be valid for

I Think It’s With in 2 Years you can keep your NCB Some insuance companys may differ

Most insurance companies, being complete sh*ts, won’t give you any NCB if you cancel the current years insurance before the year is up. Even if you’ve done almost a full year.

So, if you want to get NCB credit for this year, don’t tell them you’ve sold the bike, Just let the insurance run its course, get the certificate stating the NCB due* and don’t renew.

After that, a lot of companies operate a sliding scale of you loosing a year (or more) for every year without insurance on a bike.

(They’re under legal obligation to issue that certificate but a lot of companies try to fob you off with their renewal quote. Not the same thing.)

many thanks guys i will let policy expire then .