Insurance Advice

I’ve just received my renewal quote for my second year of insurance from Devitt and I’m a little surprised its up over £500 still. I think it was around that much last year, with no no-claims?!?!

Who would you advise I check out? I presume if I call them and ask if they can do it better, they will probably knock £30-£50 off?

FYI, my bike is an '07 Honda Transalp 650.

Check your quote letter, the main price is for the same policy, there is another quoted price (maybe cheaper) somewhere else in the letter…

…and if not, then it’s defo worth ringing around other companies, you’ll get a cheaper deal eventually, I had to switched but saved a fortune in the end.

Well, I went to The Bike Insurer and they found me a policy for just over £300. Devitt couldn’t get within £100 of it, so I’ve switched to H&R Insurance. :cool:

I’ve had a very good time with H&R Insurance of late, they’re brokers.

Defo worth checking out, real ppl and the NIG policy they put me on was waay cheapest.

PS - obviously and also are worth using as well.

I just called my insurance company and asked them to change the value of my bike by £1000 since I had bought it new. They told me they would be giving me a £60 credit over the next 4 months and then in april i’ll get an even bigger discount cause i’ll have 2 years no claims.:stuck_out_tongue:

yup i’ve got the same most companies wouldn’t even touch me last year and if they did it was a good £400 more.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about HR Insurance too, they’ve been miles cheaper than anywhere else for my insurance for the past few years :slight_smile: